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"What we see is not what we behold, but rather, what we are".
                                           Fernando Pessao  "All the Dreams"


Each of us lives in a world where our 'reality' is totally subjective and unique. This reality invites us to endless choices of personal renditions and interpretations, while raising doubts as to whether what we saw at first sight is actually right.


I am fascinated by basic objects of everyday nature and life, which create a rhythmic composition. They are already apparent in the unprocessed photograph. By doing a computerized reconstruction, I create a new and harmonious order.

Factories that highlight the unique beauty of the forms and patterns of industrial machinery; Apartment buildings; Interior spaces - All in which the anonymous individual, overwhelmed by the impersonal environment, is but one among many.

Though we appear as a collective, a closer look reveals the true picture, which seems lonely and alienated.

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